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LeDS project – Learning Digital Skills through Arts and Performance – aims to develop an innovative STEAM approach to demonstrate how Arts can be used as a beginning, middle, and end of a STEAM activity focused on digital skills and where all the disciplines are seamlessly integrated.

During the project, students and teachers from Portugal and Greece will create digitally enhanced, dance and aerial circus, performances to bring awareness for the potential of STEAM and leave a message about the importance of human and environmental diversity.

To achieve this goal, the LeDS team will work with students and teachers to produce a Digital Creations Toolkit to program electronic solutions for art applications that can react to environmental changes and can include light, sound, movements, etc. Using the toolkit, participants will develop performances with the theme “A Universe of Difference” to raise awareness about diversity in nature and in human development. In the end, students will present the performance to their community.

Through the LeDS STEAM approach, students will develop important digital skills as well as other important academic, social, and emotional skills such as creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, tolerance, self-esteem, and self-confidence, among others. Finally, teachers will also become more skilled both in digital skills and in STEAM education.

The final toolkit will be available for those who want to recreate the activities.

LeDS is an Erasmus+ small-scale proposal.

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