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Example of projects executed at S. Bruno's school (MakerLab)

The São Bruno School executed the 3rd school year of the “Oeiras Innovation Labs” project, the project was executed every day of the week in several classes of the 2nd and 3rd CEB, in a total of. All teachers of these classes actively participated in the workshops organized by InovLabs. InovLabs provided 7 ASUS laptops with Windows OS to facilitate the workshops + 4G Router with mobile data to access the Internet during the classes. The school’s MakerLab space was consolidated, and now the school has a room permanently allocated to the project, and where the projects of the various subjects and activities of the Live Science Club are executed throughout the school year.

Some of the activities in this 1st cycle school, with electronics and programming to apply the curricular concepts.

Samuel Johnson Elementary School executed its 1st year of the project this school year. The following table summarizes the hours planned, executed and percentage of execution. The following pictures illustrate some of the activities in this primary school, with electronics and programming to apply the curricular concepts.

Installation of power system for new solar tricycle, and setup of power system for electric Kart (donated to the school by InovLabs).

The project classes were integrated in the activities of the Live Science Club and in the disciplines of Physics (12th grade), Technological Education, Mechatronics Professional Course, Computer Science and Computer Professional Courses. The following table summarizes the hours planned, hours executed and percentage of execution.
There was thus an execution of 45 hours more than initially foreseen in the proposal. As there were several requests for support from schools, the InovLabs team tried to respond to most of these requests, which resulted in the execution of 187% of the planned hours. At the end of the year, there were also 26 hours of extra support from the InovLabs team, which are not quantified in the table above, as they were used to finalize some projects that it was not possible to carry out with the students, namely components for the electric car that was produced in the mechanics workshops.

Examples of programming and robotics activities at school

Joaquim de Barros School executed the 2nd school year of the project and consolidated the equipment and activities throughout this school year. The students showed a strong enthusiasm for the activities of Programming, Robotics, Electronics and 3D Modeling. The school made use of its “room of the future” for the weekly activities of the Programming and Robotics Club. The integration in 1st and 2nd cycle classes took place directly in the classrooms, with computers lent by InovLabs. The project’s workshops took place integrated in the 1st and 2nd cycle ICT and Robotics classes, involving 6 classes every week. Teachers connected to the Arts were also motivated to participate in the workshops, and showed interest in exploring the technologies used. InovLabs is currently coordinating an Erasmus+ project that researches and implements programmable technological solutions with application in arts and performances, called LEDS – Learning Digital Skills Through Arts. The school has submitted its application for funding to the 2nd round of Live Science Club applications. InovLabs and the “Oeiras Innovation Labs” project have a formal partnership signed with this application.

Examples of project activities (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

The school integrated the project’s workshops in the subjects of Physics, Biology and Geography of the 3rd CEB and Secondary School. The newly-created Science and Projects Club was also dinamized, which throughout all the weeks, dynamized activities of several projects. The following figure illustrates some of the moments of work during the implementation of the Project, both within the disciplines that implemented it and the activities in the Science Club. Figure 16 illustrates some of the activities that took place during the implementation of the project.

Examples of activities to support Biology-Geology, Computer Applications, Science and History

The school has always shown great interest in the project activities and has a well-established Living Science Club. The project workshops were integrated in the subjects Physics, Biology – Geology, ICT, Geography, Natural Sciences, Citizenship and Computer Applications. The following images show some of the classes supported by the project, namely short duration training actions (SCT) on capturing and editing audio for Podcasts.

Project activities in FICA 2021 - Marquês de Pombal Gardens

The participation of the project and InovLabs in the Oeiras Science Festival had an intense program of activities in an “open house” policy. During all the days of the festival, dissemination sessions were held on electronics, programming, robotics and 3D modeling. The activities carried out in schools were disclosed to all visitors, as well as the technologies associated with them. 24 sessions of 30 minutes each on the various technologies associated with STEAM teaching were promoted, where more than 300 active visitors were received in these hands-on sessions. Overall it is estimated that 8000 people visited the project and InovLabs spaces.
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