Our vision is to be a global education company, providing state of the art system technologies to capacities young minds to be better prepared for the future

InovLabs is an educational startup supporting and providing an all integrated ecosystem to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities and projects in the classroom and beyond.


We provide interdisciplinary STEM projects to schools and teachers, tailor made for the current curricula, which can be directly deployed through our ready-to-go experiments.

What we Offer

Inovlabs is a facilitator of STEM educational projects and equipment kits for primary and secondary schools. We offer tutorials and guidance for teachers and students, and all the necessary material and technical support required for teaching STEM in the classroom, at any level.
We deliver a full learning ecosystem for schools, teachers, parents and other parties, to expose young students to the world of “hands-on” learning strategy using electronics, programming, robotics, 3D printing, and other technologies.

Our Partnerships

The Gulbenkian Institute of Science has joined Inovlabs for another citizenship and science project. 
The project consists of creating and implementing 6 Air Quality Monitoring Stations in schools in the municipality of Oeiras.
The implementation of the programme also includes the training of students within the scope of this project.
Oeiras Valley
Gulbenkian Science
Arduino Education Team

Project Examples

The STEM projects we provide are specially designed to be integrated directly into the curricula of schools. The projects are tailor made to combine all the aspects of natural sciences, engineering and arts into interesting, interdisciplinary and exciting projects for young people students. See below for some examples of our projects.

our team

We are an international team all sharing the passion for innovation, education and technology.

We come from science, engineering and product design backgrounds, which results in a team that has the technological expertise to understand where the current curricula of schools coming short in providing the best education possible for our future generations.

Nuno Charneca


Madalena Alves


João Oliveira

Programmer. Sound engineer

Mick Mengucci


Francisco Medeiros


Hugo Melo

Electrical Eng.

Diogo Augusto


João Rodrigues

Mechanical Eng.

Juan Ucha


Diogo Pires

Computer Eng.

André Pinto

Drone pilot and programmer

Tomás Carvalho

Informatics Eng. And Programmer


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