Welcome to the exciting world of electronics! We provide engaging hands-on experiments to teach students the fundamentals of electronics. From basic components to digital microcontrollers, get ready to explore and unleash your creativity.

Electronic Discovery Center

Explore the fascinating world of electronics in this introductory course! Through hands-on activities at the Electronics Museum, you will learn the fundamental concepts of this field. With the "learn-by-doing" method, you will have the opportunity to put into practice what you learn, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Actuator Showcase

Uncover the secrets of actuators in the Actuator Auditorium! You will learn how these electronic components are capable of converting electrical energy into motion or action. With practical projects and stimulating exercises, you will develop skills to control and use actuators in your own creations.

City of Signals

Get ready to dive into the magic of electronics! In this module, you will discover how electronic circuits are capable of transmitting and receiving signals. Through interactive activities, you will explore the functioning of electronic communication devices and understand the importance of signals in our daily lives.

Sensor Studio

Step into the Sensor Studio and explore the world of information capture! In this module, you will discover how electronic sensors are used to measure and detect different variables in the environment. Through exciting activities, you will learn to use and interpret sensor data, expanding your capabilities in electronics.

Actuator Auditorium

With creativity and determination, a talented student successfully completed a captivating project: DIY adjustable sunglasses. By carefully fixing the servo mechanism and gaining a comprehensive understanding of servo angle control, the student was able to bring their vision to life. The project involved connecting the servo to the designated channel and utilizing a potentiometer button to precisely adjust the angle, resulting in a unique pair of sunglasses that can be tailored to shield the wearer’s eyes from intense sunlight. This impressive accomplishment demonstrates the student’s passion for practical application and their ability to transform an idea into a tangible and functional invention.
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