InovLabs Logo

A InovLabs é uma startup educacional que aconselha escolas e professores na implementação da educação STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), fornecendo um ecossistema integrado de produtos e serviços para ensinar STEM dentro e fora da sala de aula.

We provide interdisciplinary  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) projects to schools and teachers, tailor made for the current curricula, which can be directly deployed through our ready-to-go experiments.


Young minds prepared for the future

A nossa visão é ser uma empresa global de educação, fornecendo tecnologias STEM de última geração para capacitar as mentes jovens a estarem mais bem preparadas para o futuro.

    We believe that we should give our children the best education possible, by teaching them the right skills and knowledge they need for their future academic journey and professional careers.
    We also think that the current education curricula lacks specific topics such as Programming, Robotics and Electronics, and soft skills.

      And how will this situation be in 10 years from now? Even worse.

    Therefore we want to promote STEM subjects under young students to make subjects such as engineering, robotics and programming popular again under young students, so they will be better prepared in their careers!


Because education is the key to a greater future


Demonstrated by the behaviour and attitudes of our team.


Of our young minds, schools, parents and suppliers.


In the way we deliver. SUSTAINABILITY For better education for current and future generations.


To create value in the different areas in which we operate.


We are dedicated to give you the best journey through sciences


    We combine ethical conduct and professional standards, with enthusiasm, initiative and an emphasis on teamwork.
    We promote the development of skills and merit.
    We believe that STEM activities and the promotion of Soft Skills are essential to prepare our students.


    We always put ourselves in the place of our Customers when we take a decision.
    We listen to our Customers and respond simply and transparently.
We seek to surprise our Customers by anticipating their needs.


    We fulfil our commitments and expectations to our young creative minds.
    We lead through our ability to anticipate and deliver.
    We uphold standards of excellence in everything we do.