Raspberry Pi 4


Remote learning kit

Inovlabs has designed a solution for all students who will be unable to attend classes in person by the end of the school year.

This solution allows to create the conditions for Remote Learning, such as Internet access via Wi-Fi, text editor, spreadsheet, create presentations, videoconference, among others.


Remote learning kit configuration

The Kit provided by InovLabs comes fully configured and ready to use.

Just connect the Raspberry PI 4 to the internet and a Monitor or TV.

Optional : wired computer Keyboard and mouse


Raspberry Pi 4 is a computer of reduced price and size, ideal for performing daily tasks and at an extremely low cost when compared to other computers.

Like other operating systems, MS-Windows (Microsoft) and IoS (Apple), the LINUX operating system is extremely efficient and simple to use.

The softwares, free and open source, are compatible with other softwares used in schools, offices and companies of different branches.


LibreOffice supports many document formats, such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. 

But LibreOffice goes further, allowing you to use the modern open standard, OpenDocument Format (ODF).


It’s never been easier to create games using programming adapted for children, Scratch, or even transform your home into a smart home.

The options are vast and there are many online projects to provide our children with scientific knowledge…to play with, and share in family.


Order your own Raspberry Pi 4Gb RAM today!